Breaking Steroetypes

With more and more states considering the legalization of marijuana the more people become concerned with the spread of marijuana use. Many of those who are critical of the new regulations have their opinion based on stereotypes that have been around for several decades. Recent studies have shown that marijuana use is on the rise across the country and not only in the states in which marijuana is legal. When the results of the studies were examined closer some of the numbers went against the common perception of those who use marijuana. The study looked at the difference of users in two time periods. The number of marijuana users was higher in the second time period that was studied. This was not as surprising as the percentages of users.
Going with the normal train of thought the group with the highest number of users would be African American males. When the study reviled that Caucasian males had the highest percentage of marijuana users many were shocked. The difference between the groups was not very large. Even with such small differences between the groups the way that people think about marijuana users has been changed. The stereotypes that people have held for decades have been changed. The study also reveals that marijuana is not only a problem for young people. Some people have reported that there are some users that are in their thirties and forties with some users even older.
With the overall number of users not having risen very much the important detail is the group percentages.

Joseph Roseman

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