Keeping Users Safe despite Recent Legalization

                With the recent legalization of marijuana in Colorado has also come the concern of safety, particularly with children.  One major worry of parents and anti-legalization groups alike is the packaging of THC-infused products.  The apprehension is that the packaging of medical and recreational marijuana products has not been made distinct enough, causing citizens to unknowingly consume marijuana goods.  

                This concern comes from the recent events in which middle school students unknowingly brought THC-infused gummy bears to school, sharing them with unaware students. Another anxiety-provoking incident regards an 18-year-old man, who ate a leftover candy bar while cleaning a rental condo, unaware that it was a medical marijuana product and then having to be treated for an overdose.

                A law recently signed by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper requires that edible medical marijuana products be forced to have specific packaging.  Lawmakers believe that an opaque, child-proof package will make citizens more informed of contents and less available to children.

                Organizations such as Smart Colorado are not anti-legalization and are formed to promote better packaging of these newly-legalized products.  Regardless of the recent success with the law signed on March 17, 2014, organizations like Smart Colorado believe that the opaque, child-proof packaging is still not enough, and continue to fight for better notification on marijuana products.  Another goal of Smart Colorado is to limit the amount of pure THC that can be sold.  Currently, those of legal age can buy an ounce of pure THC, or 2,800 servings.

                Another new law that will be enacted on October 1st is the testing of potency and contaminants of all products that will be sold in dispensaries.  One issue with this law is the lack of laboratories to do so.  In Colorado, there are only three laboratories that can test for the potency of THC-infused products.  The requirement for potency testing starts even sooner, on May 1st.

These new laws create a huge advancement for the safety of legalized marijuana, and greatly minimize the risks that come with the drug. 






Shelby Nicole Lyons

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