Groups by the Numbers

With the legalization of marijuana in Colorado many are worried that the drug use among people will increase. From research of drug use the percentage of people using marijuana in Colorado is actually been on the decline which is in contrast to the country as a whole. When marijuana was legalized the amount of people that used marijuana did not spike as far as many experts predicted. To break down the numbers even more the age group that has the highest usage of marijuana is 18-25. At first glance people see that this group would consist mainly of high school and college students. People in this age group are very likely to give into pressure from other people their age. To look at and break down the different racial groups shows that there is not much of a difference between them. African Americans, Hispanics, and Caucasians are only separated by about 3.5%. This shows that there is not one specific race that has a significantly high percentage than the others. Another surprise too many is that the unemployed do not have the highest number users of marijuana. The group that dose is those with full time work which goes against what most people would think. There are several other statics that would surprise the general population because it is not what most would believe. One of those statics is the age that most people first use marijuana. The average age of first time users is 17.5, but some begin as young as 12 years old. Over the past few years the average age has begun to rise but how young some users are is very concerning to man

Joseph Roseman

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