Growing Future Concerns

The debate on marijuana still rages throughout the country. Those who oppose the new policy have several reasons why the progress needs to be stopped before it’s too late. Several of the risk that may come to life were more than likely never even considered when the reform was passed.

The first and obvious reason is that we do not fully understand marijuana’s affect on the body. As of right now there is little to no evidence to determine what happens to the person’s overall health, but the little that we do know is shocking. Some studies show that after long term use of marijuana may lower someone’s IQ by up to eight points and possible more. Studies have also shown that people will develop problems with memory after long term use. Marijuana also affects the lungs immediately after smoking. This has caused hundreds to be rushed to the emergency room and thousands more to develop chronic respiratory problems. Research shows that people that smoke marijuana miss more days of work than someone that only smokes tobacco. With younger people developing these new health problems the cost of the rest of society is beginning to rise. Many fear that marijuana will be similar to alcohol in the way that it cost society more to deal with than it brings in in taxes. To try and end this point in people’s argument some of the tax money is being used to help discover more affects of marijuana on the human body.

A new concern to the owners of the marijuana stores is the drug cartels from Central and South America. With the amount of money that the cartels stand to lose (estimated to be over $1.4 billion) many believe that they will not stand by without any action. The two biggest fears of this is that the cartels begin to sell from what appears to be a legal store but really use it as a way to send drugs throughout the rest of the country. the other is threatening the owners of the stores and their families just to get in on the money that is being made on a daily bases.


Joseph Roseman

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