Colorado’s Rules and Regulations On Marijuana

As we all know Colorado has recently legalized Marijuana for both recreational and medicinal use. With the legalization of the third most popular drug in America comes several rules and regulations, commonly and humorously known as the “doobie do’s.”

Now the most common misconception about marijuana being legal in Colorado is that it is legal everywhere in the state. In reality it is only allowed on private property or with the property owners consent. Same rule with growing the plant on private property however there is a limit of only 6 plants in the home and they must be in an enclosed and locked space. Also the plants that are actually grown for sale need to be distributed by licensed individuals and they must be tracked from seed to sale.

To purchase cannabis in Colorado you also need to be 21 years of age with a valid Colorado ID. And as weird as it may seem you can share with a friend so long as there is no monetary exchange. The law also says you can only purchase one fourth of an ounce at a time and of course you cannot leave the state with the drug. Primarily because it is still against the law in other states and it is still against federal law. The only reason shop owners in Colorado are not being prosecuted is because the federal government is turning a blind eye to the situation. The main reason for this might be because of the extra revenue being brought in by the taxes on the drug and the fact that some of the money is used towards Colorado’s public schools.

While marijuana is illegal in the majority of states and is against federal law currently, I could see the appeal of legalizing it in other states. Off the taxes alone the state estimates that they will gain around 60 million dollars within the next year. Also from legalizing marijuana crime rates have gone down because drug possession arrests and violent crimes have decreased drastically. Although rates have gone down we also have to realize that there are new laws to break dealing with the drug and it is important to remember that that there will always be rules and regulations concerning any drug, legal or illegal. However will more people start using the drug in other states? Has anyone thought about the effect that legalizing the drug will have on the youth?


Alyssa Nance

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