A New Form of Tourism

The legalization of marijuana in Colorado has been a source of great controversy across the nation, but has also provided many economic benefits since its first legal sale on January 1, 2014.  These benefits encompass not only those provided to the area by the opening of new small businesses and taxes.  Thanks to the legalization, a new form of tourism has been introduced to the state.  A recently-opened business, called ‘My 420 Tours’, enables those of legal age to catch a glimpse into the industry.  Matt Brown’s new business offers three-day packages in which adults 21 years and older can explore the ins and outs of a legal marijuana facility.

Brown’s business provides the opportunity to explore a grower’s business, sample edible products, and learn how to make cuisine involving the herb.  A major selling point of this company is that all of these may experienced safely.  Throughout the course of the program, customers are provided transportation by sober individuals.  From the hotel to the dispensary to the airport, intrigued customers are allowed to try the newly-legalized products safely without worrying about operating a vehicle under the influence.  This is a good way to avoid potential criticism coming from opposition that worry about the effect of the drug on others.

One of the most important aspects the company focuses on is teaching program members how to participate under the law’s restrictions.  On their website, My 420 Tours provides detailed information on the age requirement, as well as purchasing and possession restrictions for in- and out-of-state customers.  It also explains how it can get around the cash-only requirement of marijuana purchases.  The fact that My 420 Tours doesn’t provide a product, but a service, allows the company to take credit cards for their sales.  And for many, credit cards are necessary.  The tours come at a hefty price.  One couple can expect to pay at least $2,500 for a weekend-long tour.

The introduction of this new company is a fine example of how society in Colorado is changing.  The state, along with Washington, has legalized a substance that has not only provided a new market for the smoking community, but has also introduced a new form of tourism, that is likely to catch on.

Source: http://smallbiztrends.com/2014/02/tourism-legalized-marijuana-industry.html

Shelby Nicole Lyons

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